Monday, June 16, 2008

Daughter's Graduation

The ceremony was nice, the weather was beautiful, & we had front row seats (with a perfect view of our daughter, Aimee!). The graduates passed by in front of us and we shamelessly called out their names so we could get snap shots of them! Perfect! (Sigh)

Thank you to all who came to Aimee's open house celebration. My family really enjoyed visiting with our friends who attended (and said so). It was such a nice blend of friends and family (another sigh)... good times!


Deborah said...

I enjoyed the graduation party. It was so nice to visit with your family again. Especially Sally. I really enjoyed talking with her. When she hugged me goodbye she called me "sis"! I loved that! And I adore Tom's mom! She is so cute!

Tina said...

I am soory I could not attend Aimees Graduation, I live too far away. I cried when I got the invitation and saw her picture. She has grown into such a beautiful woman. I remember the day she was born.
Congratulations Aimee!!!
Love, Aunt Tina

Deborah said...

Lucie, looking forward to our next book club meeting. We need to get together next week to go over some details about the club. Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed our day today. God is going to bring us closer during this time and I am looking forward to it while it lasts-unil I have to go back into the working world (yuck!) Live, Love and Laugh* DEB

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