Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Reads

Hope that Summer is fun and exciting for all of you thus far! Have you finished reading, "Chocolate Beach"? If not, you still have over a week to finish it. Cannot wait to discuss it!!! There are so many things to talk over with you all in Chocolate Beach... What did you think about Douglas? And what was with that Ty guy anyways??? Hmmmm, a snooty mother-in-law, an absent husband, a needy friend, some rude "friends" and chocolate brownies at the drop of a hat! I must admit, I did break down and make myself some brownies one night while reading the book!!! I mean how much can a girl take? Reading about chocolate, buttery, brownies over and over again!!! That book was definitely chocolate laced!! Sabotage, I say! LOL

Our next Chick Lit Book Club meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 9th at 11am at the Starbuck's in Fortuna. Come and join us for a delightful conversation, free bookmarks, and a free gift for all newbies!

P.S. Book Smart Review meets one hour before the Chick Lit Book Club meeting at 10am

August's "Pick of the Month" - "Eyes of Elisha" by, Brandilyn Collins
First in the Chelsea Adams Series.

The murder was ugly.The killer was sure no one saw him.Someone did.

In a horrifying vision, Chelsea Adams has relived the victim's last moments. But who will believe her? Certainly not the police, who must rely on hard evidence. Nor her husband, who barely tolerates Chelsea's newfound Christian faith. Besides, he's about to hire the man who Chelsea is certain is the killer to be a vice president in his company.Torn between what she knows and the burden of proof, Chelsea must follow God's leading and trust him for protection. Meanwhile, the murderer is at liberty. And he's not about to take Chelsea's involvement lying down.

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