Friday, August 29, 2008

Have You Finished Reading "Eyes of Elisha"?

How many of you are finished reading this month's pick, "Eyes of Elisha" by, Brandilyn Collins? Well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I will just post a few comments about it. First of all, I began reading "Eyes of Elisha" one night before I went to sleep. Not a good idea (nodding head NO!). Within the first few pages the most dramatic (well, maybe not quite) event happens! And yes, it's scary - even freaky!! I don't care what anybody says this book is intense!!! Now, that being said, I do want to mention that Brandilyn is a very talented writer and has a way with words - an uncanny way with words! She makes you feel as if you are right there with the characters going through it all! And to tell you the truth...that's not always where I wanted to be!

On a funny note, I was reading this book aloud with my two older daughters (18 & 20 yrs.) and we literally read this book all the way to Eureka and back the other day. We ended up getting back into town around midnight. As we drove off the highway at our exit it was pitch black and hardly anyone was on the road. Well, at the bottom of the off ramp we came to a stop and when I looked to my left, before pulling onto the road ahead, there was a lone, strange, creepy man walking toward us! I did what any intelligent woman of 43 would do...I punched the gas and screamed as loud as I could all the way around the corner getting out of there as fast as I could! (and believe me my daughters were with me screaming! ha ha) Okay, enough said.

I am really looking forward to picking Brandilyn's brain at our next meeting via phone interview. I especially appreciated how she did her research on her subjects in the book.

If you want certain questions answered by Brandilyn email me at or post a comment to this blog and I will make sure to ask her on Saturday (September 6th).

NEXT MEETING Saturday, September 6th at 11 am. Remember we meet at Deborah Leathers house this month for the phone interview with Brandilyn Collins.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Refreshments will be provided.

Book Smart Review group will be meeting at 10 am just before our Chick Lit Book Club Meeting.


Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi Lucie!! This is the first time I've dropped by in awhile and I had to comment on Eyes of Elisha. It was the first book I read by Collins, and I loved it. The next one in the series is very good, as well, but I think "Eyes" is my all time favorite of hers.

And I wanted to thank you for featuring my book as your top pick for June. I'm humbled and honored! And I soooo enjoyed the book chat with your group, as well. What fun! Take care and have a wonderful week end.

Miralee Ferrell

Lucie said...

Hello Miralee!

So good of you to drop by! "Eyes of Elisha" is my first Brandyln Collins book too! Super exciting read!

Right back at ya for being willing and able to meet with us via cell phone! It was such a fun interview. We cannot wait for the next book in "The Other Daughter" series :-)


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