Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Selections Are Here!

Hello Book Lovers!

It's hard to believe that November is halfway gone! Holiday season is well on its way and being that most of us are extremely busy at this time of year we will not be meeting for the month of December. But to keep things fun and reading alive I am offering up two new Christmas books for you to read at your leisure. Here they are with short book summaries following each:
"Bundle of Joy" by Robin Lee Hatcher

She seemed to have it all
Alicia Harris says she's happily married and expecting a baby - but only the last part is true. She can't bear to disappoint her grandfather by telling him she's two months away from single motherhood. Then Grandpa Roger drops in unexpectedly to spend the holidays with Alicia and her 'husband', and Alicia needs to find a fill-in -- fast. Childhood friend Joe Palmero fits the bill, and is willing to play along. Still, the longer they spend playing their parts, the closer Alicia and Joe come to discovering what love, faith and marriage truly mean.
"Hill Country Christmas" by Laurie Kingery

Holiday Heiress

Overnight, Delia Keller went from penniless preacher's granddaughter to rich young heiress. She's determined to use her money to find the security she's always lacked. And building herself a new house by Christmas is her first priority. But handsome Jude Tucker is challenging her plans and her heart...
The former Civil War chaplain hasn't felt peace in a very long time, and he has a hard time letting go of his past. But as Jude gets to know the spirited Delia, he longs to show her what true Christmas joy means. In the rugged Texas Hill Country, he'll reach for a miracle to restore his faith...and give Delia his love for all seasons.

You may choose one or both to read for the month of December. Some ideas for posting after you have read your book(s); comment to this post, or email me your comments at:

After I have received a few comments I will start posting them here just for fun! So start reading and be prepared to let us all know what you think about the story, characters, etc...

You may purchase books at Borders in the Bayshore Mall (where I purchased them) or online at or The book covers to the right are linked to for your convenience.


1 comment:

Deborah said...

I will definitely be picking up a copy of Bundle of Joy. Sounds like fun! I will probably just get it at the mall. I am at the "I want it now!" frame of mind.
I have to read "The Shack" from Heidi first, then " Daring Chloe" from Kathy, then I will read this one....I can do it no problem. Oh and also slip in "Thorn in my heart"

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