Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"What Matters Most - Diary of a Teenage Girl" (Maya)

What a fun book! If you have read any of the books in this amazing series ("Diary of a Teenage Girl") you'll be sure to enjoy this last one in the Maya series! There are 4 different girls in the series (Caitlin, Chloe, Kim, and Maya) each with their own diaries! I consider this book a 'stand alone' book because I haven't read the others in the series and I found it very good by itself (just makes me want to read more because it was so good!). These books are so much fun to read that you'll have a hard time putting them down after you start reading!

In a nutshell here is what the book is about: Maya is a 16-year old girl attending high school. A popular cheerleader, Vanessa Hartman, makes Maya's life miserable as she "accidentally" spills soda down her back and all kinds of mischief and Maya has no idea why she is now her enemy. Throw an ex-boyfriend, three close girlfriends, and Maya's mom getting released from prison soon into the mix and the action never stops! Maya finds that she has a talent with her dad's old guitar that presents her with the opportunity to lead a life of fame and fortune if she should so choose. In the end Maya has to decide what matters most.

To enter just make a comment to this post! Leave your email with brackets as such: JulieS [at] yahoo [dot] com so that no spammers can get it :-)

Thank you and happy posting! I can't wait to read your comments :-)

You may purchase a copy of "What Matters Most" from Waterbrook/Multinomah publishers by following this link:

Notice: In accordance with the FTC regulations I inform you that as an Influencer, "What Matters Most" was sent to me directly from the publisher, Waterbrook/ Multinomah for reviewing purposes. I review only the books I have read and all reviews are the honest representation of my opinion of the book.


Michelle Sutton said...

I'd like to enter to win this. I have the previous book to review. :)


Jo said...

Please enter me in the drawing.


Denise said...

Sounds like an interesting read. Please enter me in the drawing.

design[underscore]for[underscore]purpose [at] hotmail [dot]com

stampedwithgrace said...

this would be great for my girls!
they're about that age and love to read :)
stampedwithgrace at cox dot net

Deborah said...

Sounds like an interesting book-even for old teenager like me-ha!ha! Please enter me in the drawing!


Lucie said...

Ladies, we have a winner! Stampedwithgrace!! Congrats to you!! Sorry it took so long to draw names for the winner. I will email the winner and get this wonderful book sent right away.

God Bless You All!


unidiverse said...

It sounds like an interesting book, Lucie.


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