Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chick Lit Interviews Book Author Leanna Ellis

Tuesday evening at our Chick Lit Book Club meeting we had the privilege of speaking with Leanna Ellis! We read Ruby's Slippers this month and we all enjoyed it immensely. Leanna is an insightful, fresh, talented & funny book author of Christian fiction. Her most recent book is "Once in a Blue Moon". (Check out her blog/website: ).

Ruby's Slippers was a delightful read! The main character, Dottie, is missing some things in her life; her father who has been absent since she was 4, her sister, Abbie, is in Hollywood making her claim to fame, the man who she thought she was in love with is now married and considered her best friend, and her mother recently died. Will anyone really pay attention to her and give her the love that she desires? Dottie is a no-nonsense young woman who has cared for the family farm in Kansas pretty much since she's been old enough to help her mother with the chores and she sees no reason to leave the farm or do anything else. The farm is her home and this is where she belongs...or so she thinks.

On the fun side for those of you who, like me, enjoy looking deeper than the obvious...there were mysterious little items about The Wizard of Oz throughout the book which added some intrigue! This was one book that I will always have fond memories of reading!

We had a great time talking to Leanna too! Leanna shared openly with us about what inspires her to write and gave us a deeper look into her writing & how the story came into being. She patiently listened as we asked her questions and graciously answered us making us feel like old friends! I highly recommend attending our next book author interview! You truly don't know what you are missing out on! These author interviews are always full of information, inspiration, and sprinkled with alot of fun!

Next week I will be having a book drawing for Liz Curtis Higgs newest release "Here Burns My Candle". You won't want to miss this easy opportunity for a chance to win her book!



Chrissy said...

Sounds like some great books. I'm new to the chick lit genre but ever since I've gotten into it, I love it and haven't been able to put it down so I'm researching all about who writes it what the books are about. I love books that can come from the heart and real past life experiences. I found a great author that has drawn me in, Evinda Lepins. She writes about her life and what happened with her relationships, and I just can relate to them and I think that's important to the reader.
I felt a connection with this writer and have been looking for more just like her. I'm going to have to check out Leanna and see if I have the same connection. Judging by your write up, I'm excited to read her stuff!

patti said...

Wow, what a fun hangout!

Thanks, Lucie, for visiting my place! So glad Leanna visited!

My books are hardly "chick lit" but I also do phone chats with book discussion groups! We're talking coast to coast here!

Have a blessed day!

Leanna Ellis said...

Hi, Lucie! Thanks so much! It was great fun meeting y'all through our phone chat. What a great group of women! Giving a big wave to all of you.



Chrissy said...

I realized after when I came back to this website I made a mistake on the link for Evinda Lepins website I found. I wanted to correct that in case you wanted to know more about her.

Lucie said...

I just want to thank all of you for stopping by my blog!

Chrissy: Thank you for the updated link. I took a look and the website is just adorable! I will be checking into Evinda and her book looks very interesting.

Patti: We are trying to read a little out of our genre from time to time so we very well may be reading your books soon :-)

Leanna: I got your newsletter and goodies! Thank you so much!! You rock!


unidiverse said...


I definitely felt honored to be a part of that interview. Talking to Leanna was so much fun. We learned a lot about here and the long process it took to write "Ruby Slippers." It is so nice to meet and talk to some of the authors we read because I gain a different respect for them as a person not just an author. It seems more tangible to me.


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