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Facelift Book Review & Chick Lit Discussion

Facelift by Leanna Ellis Book Review 
& Chick Lit Discussion

Kaye Redmond is not about to 'move on'.  She is doing her 'Christian duty' to hang on the the notion that her ex-husband will one day come to his senses and get back together with her!  After all God doesn't like divorce.  She often fantasizes that he leaves his girlfriend and realizes that what he has needed all along is her - the doting mother and wife of his dreams...NOT! 
Meanwhile Kaye's teenage daughter, Izzie, is going through the effects of her parents' divorce and is very angry with her dad for tearing their perfect little family apart.  In the midst of it all Izzie manages to try to play the 'Match Maker' with her swim coach and her mom...something her mom has no intention of taking up! 

At the same time Kaye ends up taking in her 'ex'-mother-in-law after a botched facelift with the hopes of winning back her ex-husband with her servant-like care for his mother.  Marla, her 'ex-mother-in-law, has a warped sense of what being beautiful really is - like alot of us women.  Stuck-up and materialistic, Marla's mask comes off and you get a glimpse behind it and what's really making the wheels turn in her mind.  Keeping in mind that Kaye and her 'ex'-mother-in-law have NEVER gotten along, not by a long shot!!  Ohhhh, the story that was woven here, ha!  Add in, the 'perfect' gentleman who comes along later in the story and sweeps Kaye off of her unsuspecting feet for some good clean romance!

The 'Take-home' lessons in this book would be that in the midst of the worst kind of trials, God remains in control.  Sometimes we are called to surrender it all to Him.  We may not know how and when He will help us through a situation, but He will.  There were definitely redeeming qualities to this story; forgiveness, love, and trusting God with your life.
Facelift is such a great read that when I remember scenes in the book, her quick wit always makes me smile.  I love that Leanna uses sarcasm with Kaye...which I think makes it easier to read serious subjects such as divorce, teenage rebellion and some of the other touching/sad scenes throughout the book.  Leanna Ellis' writing style is so honest and yet humorous at the same time.  You are reading about really uncomfortable stuff but yet she still makes you laugh  - sometimes through the tears. 

You can go to Christian Book Distributors or and order a copy.

Follow this link to Facelift by Leanna Ellis

Follow this link to Facelift by Leanna Ellis

Our Chick Lit Book Club Discusses Facelift by Leanna Ellis
What a fun book to read! I read this while walking on the treadmill and it really made the time pass quickly! In fact, I often walked for over an hour at a time while reading Facelift!! I was very sad when the book ended.

The Chick Lits also enjoyed Facelift very much and we all discussed it at our monthly meeting at Starbucks. Here are some of the questions that we discussed together. Feel free to comment if you've read Facelift or would like to read it. Please join us!

Question 1:
Have you ever had a facelift? Ouch! Is that a bit too personal? Okay, how about: have you ever considered cosmetic surgery?

Carmen: I have considered having a nose job, especially when I was younger. But after having children I didn't like the idea anymore because I realized that if one of my children was born with my nose - they wouldn't look like me.

Lucie: As I have gotten into my 40's some gray hairs have 'appeared' along with some 'fine lines' know, wrinkles! And although I don't particularly like noticing them, I know that I don't want to be one of those women who pretends that she is in her 30's BUT is in her 50's or 60's and looking like she's trying too hard.

Question 2:
Do you think it's wrong for a Christian to ever have a cosmetic procedure?

Jaclyn:  It's a personal choice.

Sandy:  It's what's inside that counts.

Question 3:
In Facelift, Kaye feels like her life is out of control.  Have you ever felt this way?

Sandy:  Everyday - My husband just got let go from his job - not sure what direction we are going so everyday I have to give control to God because we don't know what is going to happen.
Question 4:
Have you ever had a person like Marla thrust upon you?  Where you had to spend time with this person or even take care of him or her?  How did you manage?  Was it easier than you thought?  Or tougher?

Christie:  Yes, I have a very critical mother in my life.  She has never approved of anything I've done.  All of a sudden she was very sick and needed my help.  When I went to her I didn't recognize her.  God led me there to care for her and a mild healing took place.  But the only reason I was able to care for her was because I watched her care for her ailing mother for 7 years - and her mother didn't like her at the time!

Jaclyn:  After reading this book I would now have grace on someone instead of kicking them out.

Sandy:  I heard while watching a talk show on TV, "Hurt people, hurt people."
Question 5:
Have you felt the push/pull of trying to protect your children and yet not place them inside a bubble?  How do you relinquish them into God's care?
Carmen:  I am protective of my children now; I have no idea how it's going to be as they get older.
Honorable Mention (otherwise known as - I'm not sure who said this): There should be a book "What to Expect When Your Expecting Teenagers"!  I love that!!

Lucie:  I feel the push/pull to protect my children all the time!  Whenever my children are leaving the house I call after them, "Love you, be careful" just as my parents did with me.  I have to say that when my two oldest daughters, then 19 and 21 years old, went on a mission's trip to Jamaica I had a very difficult time with it because I was so worried about their safety.  There had just been a news cast that gunmen were all  over Jamaica killing people.  Talk about having to trust God with your children!  I probably prayed harder and more often in that week than I had in months!  God gently reminded me that it was He who had the control over their lives and that I needed to trust Him.  

I am reminded of a saying that I heard years ago, "If God Brings You To It, Then God Will Bring You Through It."
Question 6:

Have you ever read Proverbs 31? What was your reaction?  Could you identify with the woman described or did you not measure up?

Deborah:  At first I felt I could not measure up.  But the more I studied it, the more I realized God is describing all of us women as a whole - all of the qualities that we can contribute together.

Thank you for joining our blog discussion! 
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Deborah said...

Looks great Lucie! It was like being there all over again! I love this new set up. I know those ladies who missed the meetings will love this as well. Thanks for taking the extra time to put this together. You are amazing as usual. Love ya!

Carmen Rose said...

Great job Lucie! Loved the book!

Lucie said...

Thank you ladies! I'm really enjoying this new aspect of our book club also! It's you ladies that make our club what it is - love you!

Your Forever Grateful Leader,

Leanna Ellis said...

Hi, y'all! Thanks so much for reading Facelift! I'm delighted y'all enjoyed it so much! Thanks Lucie for the wonderful, thoughtful review!

Leanna Ellis said...

Sandy, I so understand that kind of fear and pain. Five years ago, my husband lost his job, two weeks before Christmas! It was the same day my 13 year old dog died and the same day a manuscript was rejected by a publisher. Whammo! Painful! But we knew it was all answers to prayer because we'd been praying about each situation. Anyway, God is with y'all too and He will help you through this time. I look back on that year and a half now and am so grateful for that time when I felt God was carrying me through. And He will carry you too!

Leanna Ellis said...

One more thing I wanted to tell y'all! When I wrote Facelift, I was having trouble writing because my father had just passed away. But I had a deadline and had to get busy. My crazy labradoodle puppy, Hilo (named for one of our favorite spots in Hawaii), gave me lots to laugh about. I began writing about her antics and soon incorporated her into the book. You will recognize her as 'Cousin It.' In spite of her difficulties of not minding and eating everything in sight, she was a real blessing to me. :)

Deborah said...

Awesome to have Leanna share with us! I always see her talk about the Hilo monster. The stories are a crack up. On a more serious note, it is an encouragement to see that in our deepest pain God gets us through. It will be in time, but along the way we learn so much about ourselves and most importantly about the God that loves us and just wants us to love and trust Him and Him alone. Thank you Leanna for taking time to share with us. You are a blessing with your books.
And Lucie, I am so proud to be co-leader to a group that is so loving, and encouraging to eachother in our times of need as well.

Leanna Ellis said...

Deborah, Very well said. God does see us through. I know it sounds weird, but there are many times when I miss that time when my husband was out of work. Because I was relying on God every moment. He was literally carrying me through that time. That is when we can really experience intimacy with God. It's when life is going well that we get busy and such that we don't spend as much time in the word. Paul said there is joy in suffering, and I think that joy is knowing God better and better because of trials. Thanks again, y'all!



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