Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Discussion!

We had a great discussion at our meeting Saturday. Beach Dreams (Trish Perry) was such fun and easy to read! I just have to say that to be able to have fun reading & then have a discussion which ranged from light and fun to deep and meaningful is something that I don't take for granted. Thank you ladies; those of you who were able to make it to the meeting this last week-end and for those of you who were with us in spirit. YOU make the Chick Lit Book Club rock!


I have several of the up and coming book selections listed in the far right column. Now is a great time to purchase your books, ahead of time. We are reading Christmas selections November and December and then for the FIRST TIME EVER we are reading a non-fiction book in January! Choosing To See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope by Mary Beth Chapman (wife of Steven Curtis Chapman; popular Christian music artist...who I have had the privilege to see backstage at one of his concerts years ago!) I cannot wait for that discussion! February follows with a light-hearted "Facelift" by Leanna Ellis one of our book club's favorite authors! Happy Reading!


Kindle for your computer or smart phone. I just spotted these FREE Kindle Bible Studies! If you are interested you need to act fast because this won't last for very long! Check back often. Wow, I sound like a commercial! Haha! I just wanted to share with everyone because if you're like me, you love a good deal! You can't beat FREE!

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Deborah said...

Hey Lucie! I love how you incorporated the photos with the paragraph. I have been trying to figure out how I can put a photo next to each selection for the month to make it stand out more. Maybe you can help me sometime.
Your blog looks really good. Considering how bad you have been feeling-your creativity, NEVER stops! Love ya!

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