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Women of Faith Sacramento 2011

This year at the Women of Faith event in Sacramento there were a variety of speakers, all very good, who spoke from their hearts.  I went in thinking this would be a fun getaway but I came out with alot more than I expected!  The event itself was well put together. There were friendly greeters at the doors, well thought out store's where you can purchase books, cd's, and t-shirts from the speakers and singers, great music (!!), and heartwarming, 'real' speakers who brought us the message and hope of Jesus in a way that we could relate to in our own lives - tools in the toolbox!

Friday opened up with Patsy Clairmont - who is always such a joy to listen to! I cannot believe the quotes that little lady comes up with!  I was scrambling to write them all down and post to Twitter!  The words that come from her mouth are so full of life and laughter, don't get me wrong she has a story or two to tell with all seriousness but she naturally puts funny stuff in all the right places! Three things that Patsy suggested for us to do every day was; "say 'Yes' to God every morning; to say 'Thank you God for all You've done and for that group of people You've placed around me'; and finally to say 'No' when someone else thinks you should do something -- give yourself permission to say 'No' and don't feel guilty about it! Let people misunderstand your intentions - they're gonna do it anyways!"

Oh, and I LOVED this quote from Patsy - "I'm not weird, I'm a limited edition!" (said with a nose crinkle and eyes twinkle)
Ok, I'm just going to post a bunch of her quotes here:

"Our God is limitless"
"Feeling don't have brains, they were not given to us to think - but to feel!"
"Whining is one of my gifts"
"Sarcasm is...anger in a clown suit"
"You are not your husband's Holy Spirit"
"A scarf is a parking garage for chins"
"Change can be good"
"The greatest human need we have is connection --we really need each other"

Patsy said that her favorite Bible person is Moses...because he was a "basket case" (LOL)
Patsy also told us about her son having double pnemonia and H1N1 in the hospital and nearly dying. A passage in Scripture that helped her during this time was Psalm 139 especially noting how God wrote the days of our lives before we were born. She goes on to tell of a cleaning lady who was singing in another room nearby when she and her husband were all alone in the middle of the night with their son and the song came drifting in to their ears - "Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know". It was exactly what they needed to hear that night.

Patsy's latest book, Stained Glass Hearts, on : Patsy Clairmont Books

Then we had Andy Andrews speak - the only man brave enough to speak at an all ladies conference!  I read his book, The Noticer, last year so I was especially intrigued with what he would have to say.  He was so full of energy!!  When Andy spoke he walked around the stage, literally AROUND the stage in the crowd!  One of the things that Andy said regarding marriage and how husband and wife are different, "If both of you were alike, one of you would be unnecessary!" What insight! 

Andy also spoke on worrying and gave us some statistics on what people worry about-
                          40% Never happens
                          30% Already happened
                          12% Worry about things that it could be like; a headache is a tumor ect...
                            2% Petty little worries like; what others will think...
                            8% LEGITIMATE CONCERNS THAT CAN BE DEALT WITH!

Find out more about Andy here:  Andy Andrews books

On Saturday we heard from Lisa Whelchel (formerly on the Facts of Life t.v. sitcom). She spoke on friendship.  She told us about how hard it was to find a friend and to be a friend in her profession as a young girl, but even as she got older she just didn't know how to be a friend.  She took us through her trials and heartbreaking stories about trying to find a  close friend, finding one and then losing the friend because she didn't know how to be a friend herself.  Lisa didn't know how close friendships worked.  She realized in her 40's that she didn't have a close friend because she had always kept people at a distance.  Through her learning experience here are a few things she has observed/learned about friendship:

1. You can be surrounded by friends and still feel isolated and alone.
2. There is a difference between being transparent and vulnerable. Being transparent means that you let people get to know you but being vulnerable is letting people get close to your heart.
3. It's too heavy to place expectations on someone for what we need. Be grateful for what they have to share.
4.  You need boundries in your friendships.
5. Pay attention to how they talk about other people because they will talk about you the same way.
6. Don't befriend someone who appears to be 'perfect' because they will have expectations of you that will be too high.

If you would like more information on friendships and what Lisa has to say she has a book out, Friendship for Grown-Ups: What I Missed and Learned Along the Way  

Marilyn Meberg also spoke in her 'good friend' style.  Marilyn is so warm and encouraging I just listened to her and forgot to take notes!! Marilyn has a new book out also, Tell Me Everything - How to heal from the secrets you thought you could never share. Click over and check it out!  Marilyn was sweet enough to let us pose with her for a picture (below).

Sandi Patty sang, We Shall Behold Him, and brought everyone to their feet and to tears.  What a beautiful voice God has gifted this woman with!  She has a voice of an angel and a testimony that speaks to the hardest of hearts. Sandi's latest book out is, The Edge of the Divine.

Mandisa, woman of grace and sweetness, sang fun and powerful songs from her latest cd, What If We Were Real.  I LOVE this cd!!  I listen to it all the time (Along with my Peter Furler cd). Every single song on this cd is good and most are great!  My favorites are; Stronger, Good Morning, and These Days, Say Goodbye, ect...ok I pretty much love them all but anyways, I tried! LOL

Selah was AMAZING!!  Clear, strong vocals with words from each singer = wow!  Such testamonies and great stories! I purchased Selah's cd's Hope of the Broken World and Bless the Broken Road the duet's Album.  Both are so full of great songs I cannot recommend them enough! I have a video of some below (Hoping to post directly after this). I could sit and listen to Amy all day long!  That girl can sing!  Amazingly, the two other members of the group, Todd and Allen, are equally as talented!  Add to these Women of Faith's own worship team with their new cd, Rejoice.  Soo much talent!

Overall, as you have just read, there was so much encourgement, learning moments, and fun this year at Women of Faith - Over the Top in Sacramento, California!  Thank you all for what you do to live out your faith!

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More photos & videos below, just scroll down.

*Thank you Thomas Nelson at Book Sneeze for the opportunity of reviewing this event!  Although 2 tickets were given to me by Thomas Nelson for review, what I post on my blog is my own opinion.

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