Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Updated Look to My Blog!

Please look around my blog as I've updated Everything! I've posted a new list of Free eBooks from (Scroll down the list is on the Right Side) and I've posted some fun Book Trailer Video's (Scroll Waaaay Down the page)! There is even a video Interview of one of the Book Author's! I'm going to be including more videos of the author's because I think its really interesting to find out who they are and what makes them write the way they do!

Please stay awhile and look around and feel free to leave a comment below :)


Carmen Rose said...

Always love reading your blog!

Sonia Parham said...

looks great. :)

Deborah Leathers said...

I love the new look to your blog and the organized list of FREE books! Great job my friend!

Lucie said...

Thank you Carmen, Sonia, and Deborah for stopping by and commenting! I am thinking up a book giveaway so stay tuned, and please invite your blogging friends :)

Book Trailers

Book Trailers

All God's Children by Anna Schmidt

Forsaking All Others By Allison Pittman

Enjoy These Music Videos

Enjoy These Music Videos

Oceans by Hillsong United (Live)

He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli

Light Up the Sky by The Afters

Stronger - Madisa

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